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Rachel Anderson posted on July 24, 2015. 0 Comments

EdData Privacy Update: 7/24/2015

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With ESEA off to conference, another federal student privacy bill (the SAFE KIDS Act) safely introduced, and state legislative sessions winding down, it looked like we might have a minute to catch our collective breath in the world of student data privacy. But not so fast! This week Representatives Todd Rokita (R-IN) and Marcia Fudge (D-OH) introduced a new bill to amend the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

This bill, the Student Privacy Protection Act, seeks to clarify and strengthen the existing privacy protections in FERPA in several ways:

  • Banning the use of student data in student records for marketing purposes
  • Increasing transparency and informed choice around disclosures of directory information
  • Focusing on describing permissible activities for schools and districts
  • Implementing new privacy and security requirements for service providers and articulating new avenues for collaboration between the Secretary of Education and the Federal Trade Commission around the enforcement of service providers
  • Clarifying the overall language and organization of the law

As the bill continues into markup, there are additional issues around data use and privacy that Representatives will need to consider:

  • All personnel working with student data need data privacy and security training to ensure they know how to safeguard privacy and use education data effectively. It’s unclear how local school and district leaders can meet the new roles and responsibilities outlined in the bill with their current capacity.
  • The bill doesn’t make it clear how those working closest to the ground for children can securely access relevant information about students they serve. Communities should be able to determine if their community-based partners like tutoring and afterschool programs need secure access to limited data in order to help address inequities and provide the best education possible for all students.
  • As in current FERPA statute, the new bill includes provisions on how researchers can access and use data. However, the bill describes research in a very narrow way that would exclude much of the important research on best practices and pathways to success that benefit schools and students.

Along with other recently introduced federal privacy bills, including an ESEA amendment to create a Student Privacy Policy Committee, the Student Digital Privacy and Parental Rights Act, and the recently introduced SAFE KIDS Act, the Student Privacy Protection Act bill helps set the stage for continuing conversations about how we can best safeguard privacy while using data to support our students’ learning and what role the federal government can play. It is encouraging to see so much thought given to these important issues.


Bernice Butler posted on July 22, 2015. 0 Comments

For the Love of Data

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Data are the golden threads that weave together the most compelling stories. Data have the magical ability to spur innovation, evolve education, and transform cities. In my world data is the key to unlocking true public service.

A local loyalist at heart, I use data as tool to serve others. Life happens in towns, cities, and schools across the country and at the center of those places are people. Regular, everyday people that deserve accessibility, transparency, efficiency, and accountability from their public servants whether they be elected officials, chambers of commerce, school districts, community-based organizations, or faith-based networks.

Until recently I was the program director of the Memphis Talent Dividend (MTD) and Graduate Memphis (GM). I coordinated a community collaborative with over 80 allies and executed a community-wide FAFSA campaign. I also established and implemented a clergy outreach strategy to enhance our outreach and communications platform. And I served as the lead convener for the the monthly collaborative action network (CAN) on postsecondary access with Seeding Success (a local Strive network). My role as director of MTD/GM, provided me with hands-on experience in college and career readiness, workforce pipeline development, and local education data use. Using local data from schools, my team and I were able to design a postsecondary access data tracking model used in 20 community-based organizations working with graduating seniors.

I am super excited to join the DQC family. I am working in policy and advocacy, using my experience to enhance our local efforts. I will also be working on research around social-emotional learning assessment. On a personal note, I love college football, reading romance novels, kayaking on the Potomac, and hanging with my dog, Mia.

bernice and mia

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