Data in Action

DQC’s research provides a national picture of state and local data efforts.

From landscape scans to legislative and policy analysis to opinion research, DQC conducts a wide range of research activities to support and inform efforts to make data work for communities. Our research explores attempts to use data effectively, maps the field’s progress on DQC’s priorities, and identifies new best practices and conditions that support high-quality data work.

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How We Approach Research

DQC continually develops new research approaches to answer the field’s evolving questions and to articulate how and why data is being used for education to workforce journeys. Common research activities include:

Policy and legislative analyses

Analyzing state, federal, and local policies and legislation shines a light on how policymakers support and improve data practices.

Landscape scans

Exploring one issue across 50 states and Washington, DC, provides a clearer picture of the field, identifies bright spots where states are doing more and going farther, and helps uncover common and consistent challenges faced by state leaders.

Opinion research

Keeping a pulse on how stakeholders think about and use education data grounds DQC’s recommendations and resources in the realities of those closest to students.

Case studies

Diving deeper into an issue by sharing real examples of how leaders are using data or implementing best practices showcases the critical human element of this work and provides the field with “look to’s” as leaders tackle common challenges.

The evidence generated by DQC’s research informs a wide array of publications and resources including policy recommendations, case studies, infographics, and blog posts.

Translating Data into Action

Read more about DQC’s work to understand state and local data efforts.

DQC explores five key themes that marked this year—and that will frame education policy conversations next year.

What’s New in Research

Data 101

Data is one of the most powerful tools to inform, engage, and create opportunities for individuals along their journey through education and into the workforce—and it‘s much more than test scores.

About Us

We advocate to change the role of data to ensure that data works for everyone navigating their education and workforce journeys.