About DQC

DQC believes that individuals deserve the benefit of data that supports them along the way.

As the nation’s leading voice on education data policy and use, we understand that everyone’s journey through education and into the workforce is unique.

Our Big Idea

We envision a world where data is used to drive systemic change, economic mobility, and student success. To make this a reality, families, educators, communities, and policymakers must have the information they need to foster successful journeys through education and the workforce.

Our Mission

We advocate to change the role of data to ensure that data works for everyone navigating their education and workforce journeys.

Remarkable progress has been made in states to ensure that useful data is collected, thanks to dedicated advocates and policymakers. But we know that in too many communities, those who most need information to help the students they care about do not have it. That needs to change.

More than any other organization, DQC understands the challenges and opportunities of using data to improve outcomes for all students along their journeys through education and into careers.

Our Story

DQC is the only national nonprofit policy and advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring that education data works for individuals, families, educators, communities, and policymakers.

DQC launched in 2005 to advocate for and support states in developing robust data systems to give families, educators, and other decisionmakers access to valuable information on student performance and achievement over time.

DQC led the national advocacy effort for states to collect and use this critical information through the 10 Essential Elements of Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems.

With high-quality longitudinal data systems in place, states were well-positioned to use this information to answer critical policy questions and improve decisionmaking. DQC made it possible for states to meet this goal by building policymaker understanding of our 10 State Actions to Ensure Effective Data Use.

In 2016, DQC launched the Four Policy Priorities to Make Data Work for Students, a set of evidence-based recommendations for state policymakers and leaders at all levels to transform data from a tool of compliance to one that empowers people and fuels continuous improvement.

DQC published our first Show Me the Data report, an analysis of report cards for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Today, as the preeminent voice on education data policy and use, DQC leads a national effort to improve the policies, practices, and conditions that empower individuals to use data effectively to improve student outcomes across P–20W.

Our Values

DQC’s mission is driven by our five core values:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at DQC

DQC’s longstanding commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is reflected in our values, our strategies, and the way we work together.

DQC values the unique background and identity of each member of our team, and we encourage each other to bring our whole selves to work. As professionals dedicated to equitable access to data and improving education for all of our nation’s learners, we value a diversity of perspectives on our team. We are stronger when we incorporate a wide spectrum of voices, experiences, and talents into our work.

The DQC Team

DQC’s staff and Board of Directors are passionate professionals dedicated to improving students’ education and workforce journeys through effective data use.

Our advocacy relies on the different experiences, backgrounds, and opinions of our team to inform our efforts and expand our thinking.


Careers at DQC

Are you a professional who cares passionately about improving individual outcomes through effective data use? DQC may be the place for you.