DQC is dedicated to building knowledge and developing resources that advance the effective use of education data. We produce a broad range of informational and actionable resources, including fact sheets, research reports, infographics, and more.

Flagship Resources

Show Me the Data 2022

DQC’s annual review of state report cards explores how states use their most public-facing resource.

Education Data 101: A Briefing Book for Policymakers

Education Data 101 brings policymakers up to speed on the major topics they need to know about data.

Grace’s Path to Success

See how one student, Grace, uses data to make important decisions that help her reach her goals.


Our infographics illustrate what it looks like when individuals have the data and the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Latest Resources

In 2022, state legislators crafted new policies that govern the use of data from early childhood through workforce.
As leaders weigh tough decisions during the COVID-19 crisis, they will need to prioritize data.
Everyone can take steps to ensure that data can effectively and securely play a role in helping students succeed.

Our Work

We envision a world where data is used to drive systemic change, economic mobility, and student success.

About Us

We advocate to change the role of data to ensure that data works for everyone navigating their education and workforce journeys.