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Teachers See the Power of Data – But Don’t Have Enough Time to Use It

Teachers See the Power of Data – But Don’t Have Enough Time to Use It

Teachers value data and how it can be used to ensure student success – but many report that roadblocks like time and training are keeping them from effectively using data in the classroom. They also believe that it’s up to school and district leaders to take action: Of teachers polled, 46% say principals and 44% say district leadership or superintendents are most responsible for ensuring teachers have the time they need to use data. The Data Quality Campaign’s first teacher poll – commissioned in 2018 – uncovered this important finding and allows for a better understanding of educators’ opinions of data. This infographic highlights what we learned, which includes:

  • 95% of teachers use a combination of academic and nonacademic data, such as attendance and classroom behavior, to understand performance.
  • 89% of teachers rely on data to help personalize learning for each student’s unique needs.
  • 57% of teachers say they do not have enough time during the school day to access and use data.

Despite recognizing the power of data in supporting students, teachers need time and training to be able to effectively use it. Alongside principals, state and district leaders play a critical role in making data use possible. To learn what steps leaders can take, check out DQC’s Four Policy Priorities to Make Data Work for Students.

View the infographic: