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Start Here: A Vision to Transform State Data Systems

Start Here: A Vision to Transform State Data Systems

Want to understand how state data systems can enable decisionmaking for individuals, the public, and policymakers through education and the workforce? Start here.

This resource details DQC’s vision for statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDSs) and includes summaries of four use cases in which SLDSs with data from education through workforce are necessary to support decisionmaking at key transition points. SLDSs must be designed to: 

  • Help students seamlessly navigate transitions from high school into college and career pathways;
  • Connect students to the supports they need to complete their college education; 
  • Enable job seekers to navigate education and career pathways that lead to high-quality careers; and
  • Provide researchers access to the data they need to produce trusted information that enables people to understand transitions, outcomes, and what works. 

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For more details about DQC’s vision for data access, the full text of each of these use cases, and recommendations for state and federal action that can make these changes possible, see the full vision resource.