Mirel Herrera

Senior Associate, Policy and Advocacy

Mirel Herrera

The first step to achieving education equity is knowing where we can make improvements for different groups of students. Data is how we can identify where we can better serve students.

As a senior associate, Mirel focuses on helping state leaders and advocates ensure that teachers, parents, and students have the data they need for every student to excel.

Prior to joining DQC, Mirel worked as a consultant supporting school districts, state agencies, and nonprofits in their policy, research, and strategic planning. In this role, Mirel assisted organizations in identifying effective policies and practices for improving education outcomes for students. Before starting her work as a consultant, Mirel worked at The Education Trust and The Aspen Institute during her graduate studies.

Mirel holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and Mexican American studies from the University of Houston and earned a master’s of public policy, concentrating in education policy and program evaluation, from The George Washington University. Outside of work, Mirel enjoys traveling, cooking, and trying new restaurants.

Tell us a data use story that you love. While consulting, I loved presenting district-level data to parents and educators. Their feedback helped shaped areas of focus for districts to ultimately impact student outcomes.

Who are your education heroes? Mrs. Campbell, my high school chemistry teacher, is my education hero.

If you could have dinner with three people, who would they be? AOC, Megan Thee Stallion, and Ali Wong