Camila Camborda

Associate Director, State Policy and Advocacy

Camila Camborda

Student data is stewarded by states, but ultimately belongs to the students themselves. We need to ensure that students have access and understand the full picture of their educational journey and options.

As DQC’s Associate Director, State Policy and Advocacy, Camila works to advance policies that make education and workforce data accessible, approachable, and actionable. Before joining DQC, Camila held a variety of roles ranging from education grantmaking to field organizing, to leading communications and fundraising at a local charter agency.

Camila earned bachelor’s degrees in economics and international relations from Boston University. While she is a native of Miami, Florida, she has fully embraced DC as her home, and enjoys long bike rides at Hains Point, spending time at DC’s many farmers markets, and hiking with her partner and dog through Rock Creek Park.

Why do you do this work? As a first-generation American, I have seen firsthand the impact that access to a great education can have in shaping life outcomes. I had access to wonderful teachers, well-resourced programs, and a deeply involved mother who helped me succeed—but I know that is not the reality for many of our learners. I do this work every day because I want every single student to have the opportunity and resources to succeed in school and achieve meaningful lives as adults.

Who are your education heroes? My mother, who simultaneously learned and taught us English in the evenings after work. My first-grade teacher who recognized my potential and pushed me into an advanced academic program. The parents who I worked with as a field organizer who advocated fiercely for their children. The teachers and school leaders who show up every day and serve as trusted adults for the students who need it most.

What’s your superpower? As a former field organizer, I pride myself on being able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone!