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Rethinking the Future of Career and Technical Education 

Rethinking the Future of Career and Technical Education 

Last month, Advance CTE released Without Limits: A Shared Vision for the Future of Career Technical Education, a vision for how career and technical education (CTE) can continue to evolve to meet the education and workforce challenges our country faces. Joined by almost 40 other organizations, DQC is proud to support this vision, which recognizes that, to get this work done, actionable, transparent and trustworthy data is non-negotiable. 

Advance CTE describes five principles, laying out the steps necessary to realize this vision and creating career preparation pathways that close equity gaps in educational outcomes and workforce readiness. To be successful, these principles demand data that is easy to find, use and understand about potential career pathways and outcomes for students. This work requires disaggregated data about which individuals succeed in which pathways and how these pathways do or do not result in positive outcomes for different groups of people. Without this information, decisionmakers are blind to the challenges individuals face on their path through education and into the workforce. 

A student’s background or current circumstances should never stand in the way of academic and career success—and data is one way to make that possible. Every individual deserves clear, actionable information that allows them to chart their own path through school and into the workforce. Transparent, trustworthy data about CTE pathways is an important piece necessary to make that happen.

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