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Education Data 101: A Briefing Book for Policymakers (2021)

Education Data 101: A Briefing Book for Policymakers (2021)

Policymakers need education data to inform policy decisions. Likewise, everyone involved in an individual’s education needs timely, accurate data to provide insights and drive improvements. DQC’s Education Data 101 is a briefing book meant to bring policymakers up to speed on the major topics they need to know about. Read for more information on the following ten things to know about data in education:

  1. Student data helps improve student achievement.
  2. State longitudinal data systems help answer questions and drive improvement.
  3. Student growth data provides a more equitable picture of student and school performance.
  4. Data linkages provide the fullest picture of student and school outcomes.
  5. Data generates the evidence that state and system leaders need to make decisions.
  6. Student data must be kept private and secure.
  7. State report cards provide the public information about student and school performance.
  8. Data empowers teachers and parents with information to better support learning.
  9. Educator preparation programs need data to improve teacher training and quality.
  10. Teachers must be equipped with the skills to understand and use data effectively.

View an updated version of this resource, published in March 2023, here. 

To read the original version of Education Data 101, released in 2017, click here.