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DQC Federal Advocacy Resources

DQC Federal Advocacy Resources

DQC’s federal advocacy reflects what we learn about the priority needs of states. We meet with agency and legislative staff to educate them and offer recommendations for federal actions that can promote, support, and incentivize improvements to state data ecosystems. This topic guide is a collection of those resources.

Federal Leaders Can Support Improved Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems: This resource explores steps that federal leaders can take to support the creation and development of statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDSs).

The Federal Role in Safeguarding Student Data: This resource outlines steps federal leaders can take to protect personal data as SLDSs offer better data access to students and families.

States Need Clarity, Resources to Scale Access and Maximize Investments in Data: The examples provided in this resource demonstrate the kinds of supports that are possible when states have clarity about the parameters and rules for linking education, labor, workforce, and other data securely.

Letters and Recommendations

Better P–20W Data Will Require More Advanced Workforce Data Systems: This resource outlines the value of effective workforce data and the challenges that policymakers face in making those improvements, and provides recommendations for making better workforce data a reality.

College Transparency Act Sign-on : This letter, cosigned by DQC, was sent to congress to urge the passing of the College Transparency Act.

DQC FERPA Recommendations: This document outlines DQC’s April 2023 recommendations for the 2024 update of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

DQC Recommendations on ESRA Reauthorization: This document outlines DQC’s April 2023 recommendations for the 2024 update of the Education Science Reform Act.

FY24 Senate Appropriations SLDS Letter: On March 23, 2023, this letter was sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee urging investments in the SLDS Grant Program and Workforce Data Quality Initiative grants for fiscal year 2024.

OMB Letter on Uniform Guidance: On March 13, 2023, this letter was sent to the Office of Management and Budget to share recommendations for guidance revisions that would constitute a deep, coordinated review of federal grants administration and reporting processes.