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Chicago’s On-Track Indicators Are Helping Students Cross the Graduation Finish Line

Chicago’s On-Track Indicators Are Helping Students Cross the Graduation Finish Line

WASHINGTON (December 2, 2015) – Chicago’s on-track indicators have aided in the district’s dramatic increase in graduation rates over the last seven years. In a new set of videos, the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) highlights how on-track indicators are giving students and teachers the information needed to ensure that students are graduating college and career ready.

Giving All Students a Chance at Success in Chicago showcases how key indicators can help schools provide speedy intervention to students falling off track and keep students on a successful path towards graduation. Chicago Teachers Keep Kids on Track focuses on the tremendous help on-track indicators provide teachers in the classroom. Between 2007 and 2014, the rate of students on track to graduate in Chicago rose from 57 to 84 percent. That represents 7,000 additional students on track to graduate each year.

“This is my 18th year with the district and I’ve seen a lot of programs come and go, whereas on-track has been the most consistent metric in our district and the most impactful. More of our students are graduating from high school and going to college,” said Dr. Gregory Jones, Principal at Kenwood High School in Chicago, Ill.

“Chicago’s work is a great example of consulting teachers on what information they need to make a difference for their kids and then providing that information in time to make real changes,” said Paige Kowalski, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy at the Data Quality Campaign.


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