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#TimeToAct17: Put Data in the Hands of People

#TimeToAct17: Put Data in the Hands of People

Earlier this month, DQC hosted a twitter chat for the release of our new report, Time to Act: Put Data in the Hands of People. We were thrilled to be joined by advocacy partners and many classroom educators, who shared their perspectives on how states can better support data use in service of student learning.

Several themes stood out in the conversation:

  • Stakeholder engagement is key to understanding what information those closest to students need so that data will be used as a tool for continuous improvement.
  • Pre-service training and professional development are important. Educators in the chat noted that this support ensures teachers have what they need to use data in a way that enriches student learning.
  • Public data needs to be easy to access and understand, especially for those who speak a language other than English.

Overall the takeaway of the chat was that while states have made significant progress in making data work for students, more must be done to put information in the hands of people.