Mitch Felton

Senior Associate, Communications

Mitch Felton

The single most impactful quality of life change we can make is an efficient and effective investment in our educational systems.

Mitch supports DQC’s efforts by helping to communicate the organization’s messaging and goals in a way that is useful to its stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and students. His work involves supporting DQC’s communications strategy in the digital space.

Before joining DQC, Mitch was a political field organizer in the battleground state of Florida during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. There, he leveraged his skills in digital communications to empower local leaders and voters with the tools necessary to have their voices heard in an increasingly digitized world. Prior to that, he worked as a legal assistant in a remote immigration law firm serving as a guide through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ family-based immigration processes.

Mitch holds a bachelor’s degree of science in Criminology and Psychology from Florida State University, with a focus in criminal behavior and social problems. When he is not at work, Mitch enjoys outdoor adventures like mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking, as well as safer activities like listening to music or gaming.

Why do you do this work? I do this work because of the long-term implications that the circumstances of one’s education brings. Education quality and availability are some of the strongest predictors of an individual’s socio-economic standing over the course of their lifetime.

Who are your education heroes? My mom tops my list. She came to a strange country in search of a better education for herself and instilled in me the idea that your education is the one thing no one will ever be able to take from you, under any circumstance.

What’s your superpower? Collecting new hobbies at an alarming rate. It’s bad. Please send help.