[Podcast] Using Data to Innovate: A Story of Scatterplots

[Podcast] Using Data to Innovate: A Story of Scatterplots

In which a certified public accountant discovers the possible secret to Houston’s fifth-grade math achievement in a scatterplot diagram.

In 2012 a group of four superintendents overseeing education in Texas’s giant Fort Bend County (and working with All Kids Alliance) brought their Collective Impact group a problem: across the county, kids’ math achievement was tailing off in elementary school to the extent that many of these youth were falling off a college-going academic track. Could they get some help?

The Data Quality Campaign spoke with Sandy Frieden, a consultant to All Kids Alliance, about how a diverse group of school, community, and business leaders came together to solve this problem by relentlessly digging through and questioning the county’s data—and how surprised they were to find the answer in a scatterplot presented by a CPA.

Listen to the podcast below:

And read the full story here: Collaborative Network Uses Data to Improve Math Achievement in County Schools

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