NEW VIDEO: Supporting Student Success in Nashville

NEW VIDEO: Supporting Student Success in Nashville

When educators make time to talk about data—with each other, with support staff, with afterschool partners, and with parents and students, relationships are strengthened, students are better supported, and incredible academic gains are possible.

Since making time for data-informed conversations, Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) has seen a steady rise in achievement scores in English, math, social studies, and science. They’ve also seen a rise in high school graduation rates and a narrowing of the achievement gap.

This video provides a high-level overview of four innovative ways MNPS is using district data to support student success:

  • Common planning time for teachers and internal and external partners to discuss student data.
  • Time for students to discuss their own data with teachers and school principals.
  • Evening events for parents to learn how to access and interpret their children’s data and how they can help at home.
  • Sharing data with afterschool providers so they can be true partners in student success.

This video is the first in a multi-part series on data use in MNPS. In the coming months, we’ll be releasing videos that dive deeper into each of these promising practices.

For more on how MNPS is using data to support student success, read our success story.