DQC Has a New Mission, New Vision and a New Look—With a New Website to Match

DQC Has a New Mission, New Vision and a New Look—With a New Website to Match

At the Data Quality Campaign (DQC), we know that everyone’s journey through education and into the workforce is unique. And we believe that individuals deserve the benefit of data that supports them along the way. That’s why our advocacy work focuses on “keeping the table set for data” by working with state and federal leaders on policies and practices that result in stronger data ecosystems—and that support individuals as they navigate through early childhood, K–12, postsecondary, and into the workforce.

In 2021—DQC’s 16th year—we started work under a new strategic plan that will guide the organization for the next five years. People remain at the center of our advocacy work. But, with the help of Social Driver, our new website better showcases who we are, what we do, and how we get it done.

So what’s new?

New Vision and Mission: Our new strategic plan expands on the work DQC has been committed to since we were founded in 2005. To guide that work, we’ve updated our vision—what we call our “Big Idea”—and our mission statement. When we last updated our website in 2016, our Big Idea focused on making sure that those closest to students had the information they needed. Our new and improved vision statement thinks a little bigger, recognizing that data can be used to create systemic change, address inequities, and support student success.

DQC's Vision

Similarly, our mission statement was previously focused on how data can make change for students. And as we think beyond just education, our new mission statement makes it clear that data access and use should serve individuals wherever they are along their P–20W journey.

DQQC's Mission Statement

New Look: Our redesigned website—including our updated logo—reflects our belief that data should serve as a flashlight, shining a light on how leaders can support individuals throughout their education and workforce journeys.

Showcasing Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusivity: Data work is equity work. That’s why our new website not only includes a Data for Equity page, where visitors can find all of our equity-focused content, but shares details about what it’s like to work at DQC, including our internal diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work. Our new and improved Careers page includes more information than ever about how we work to intentionally build our team and the benefits that we provide.


And we want to make sure that everyone who visits our site can find what they need. We’ve added an accessibility policy with contact information for those who need assistance using our website and have translated a number of our pages into Spanish.

DQC's Resources in Spanish

Easier to Find Our Most Important Content: Our goal as an organization has always been to educate and advocate. And our website should be a place where visitors can easily find what they are looking for—and more. So, we’ve reorganized our content to not only share more about what we do (see the Our Work tab for details on our advocacy, communications, and research efforts) but also how we do it (check out the Resources tab for easy access to our most visited content, including our flagship resources, topic guides, and infographics).

DQC Navigation Bar

Our updated website has truly been a team effort, completed with the help of our web development partners and the commitment of every member of the DQC staff. We’re excited that our new brand and website reflect our dedication to ensuring that every person with a role in education has the data they need to support students as they navigate through education and into the workforce. Hope you enjoy taking a look around!