Strong Teachers and Leaders

Strong teachers are a crucial factor in a student’s academic success, and teachers are at their best when they have useful information about how their students are doing. Quality data on student performance, attendance, and other factors help teachers and school leaders support students. When combined with pedagogy, content knowledge, and professional judgment, this data can be used to improve outcomes for kids and answer critical questions, like “Which students in my class or school are on track to graduate in four years? Which may be falling through the cracks?”

Preparing Great Educators

The programs that prepare teachers also have an important job in supporting student learning by giving aspiring teachers the best foundation possible. Preparation programs need data about how their graduates do in the classroom in order to improve for the next class of aspiring educators. In addition to using data themselves, preparation programs must teach aspiring teachers and school leaders the skills they need to use data to support student learning.

What Policymakers Can Do

Policymakers at all levels have an important role. They must use policies, resources, and supports to make sure that teachers and school leaders have access to the resources and training they need to use data in service of student learning throughout their careers—from the time they are just starting out in a preparation program to their last day on the job.

Action Steps

  • Check out how Georgia gives teachers secure access to student data that provides a holistic view of how students are progressing.
  • See how one state and one teacher preparation program are using data to better prepare future educators.
  • Learn more about the skills that teachers need to use data, and see what data use can look like in action for a teacher and principal.
  • Check out DQC’s Four Policy Priorities for specific actions policymakers can take to support teachers and leaders.