Joshua Ddamulira

Associate, Policy and Research

Education data tells stories and helps us discover the appropriate services to improve outcomes for any student.

Josh provides support to DQC’s advocacy efforts to determine how data use benefits students in the classroom. He examines the quality of state report cards and helps convene a wide array of partners to support effective data use. As a DQC associate, he is excited to have a home for his curiosity about education policy and passion for improving student outcomes.

Before joining DQC in 2018, Josh proudly spent two years as an educator in District of Columbia Public Schools. While working in a traditional public school as well as a social-emotional learning–focused charter school, he grew curious about the policy levers that shape conditions in classrooms and communities. Josh then pursued graduate studies to better understand education policy in urban communities.

Josh holds a bachelor of science in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Toledo and a master of education with a concentration in urban education policy from the University of Maryland. In his spare time, he enjoys salsa dancing and is a frequent NBA league pass watcher.

Who are your education heroes? My former students. As a former classroom teacher, it may be cliché to rave about the brilliance of my fourth and first graders but that’s my truth! What made the experience special wasn’t just witnessing their growth and their capacity for learning, but the lessons I learned from them. My students always kept me on my toes serving me humble pie regularly!

What is your favorite DQC resource? Disaggregated Data: Not Just a Box Checking Exercise. This resource helps make the disaggregation of data plain for parents and communities. Disaggregation is key to identifying opportunity gaps and barriers to success for different student groups, especially for the historically underserved.

What is your superpower? Sharing [the perfect] meme in group text messages!