David Gonzalez

Coordinator, Policy and Advocacy

Education data is the flashlight that illuminates the road to success for all students.

David supports DQC’s efforts through research of data best practices and innovations from states and districts. In addition, he strengthens communications strategy by building internal knowledge on emerging education issues and the work of partners.

Before joining DQC, David worked for a California afterschool and summer learning nonprofit, where he served as an instructor in elementary schools. In this capacity, he worked closely with parents and teachers to support the academic needs of students. This experience helped David understand the importance of data-driven collaboration, as well as the crucial role data plays in empowering everyone who has a part in supporting student success.

David holds a bachelor of arts in political science from the University of California, Los Angeles, as well as a master of arts in American government from Georgetown University. When he is not at work, David enjoys going to concerts and staying up late to watch his UCLA Bruins.