Amber Ravenell

Associate, Policy and Research

Education data not only empowers students and families to advocate for the excellent education they deserve, but also gives educators the information they need to best support student success.

Amber focuses on research and policy analysis to advocate for the use to high-quality data to ensure the success of all students. Her work includes analysis of annual teacher and parent poll data and researching best practices for data use in states.

Prior to joining DQC in 2019, Amber taught 4th grade in the Dallas Independent School District for three years. Her experience working in a large, traditional public school district fueled her curiosity about education policy and research. She went on to work with the Tennessee Education Research Alliance, supporting their research and communication efforts as a Graduate Assistant. Amber holds a master’s in public policy from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College as well as a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Howard University. Amber is particularly interested in teacher preparation and teacher diversity.

When not at work, Amber enjoys stretching her creativity through writing and crafting. She also enjoys international travel whenever she can.

Who are your education heroes? My education heroes are the fourth grade students I taught in Texas who showed me every day how much they valued their education by coming to school excited to learn and letting me know how their education would help them reach their dreams.

What is your favorite DQC resource? My favorite resources highlight parent and teacher perspectives on education data. It’s great to hear how they value and use data to support students!

If you could have dinner with three people, who would they be? I would love to have dinner with myself as a young girl, a teenager and recent college grad. I would love to have a conversation with my past self. I’m sure there’s so much I could learn from her.