Webinar: Using Data to Understand Educators’ Experiences

Webinar: Using Data to Understand Educators’ Experiences

Data Can Help States Understand and Improve the Experiences of their Educator Workforce

Policymakers can use a variety of data to better understand the experiences, challenges, and motivations of the teachers in their state. With a deeper understanding of the complex issues facing educators, state leaders can better support their educator workforce and improve local leaders’ ability to recruit and retain diverse, high-quality teachers.

Join DQC and expert panelists to learn more about how states can collect and align data to glean information on the experiences of their educator workforce and the role policymakers play in making this work possible.

Panelists include: 

  • Abigail Cohen, Senior Associate, Data Quality Campaign
  • Loic Menzies, Researcher, Director of LKMco
  • Erin O’Hara, Executive Director, Tennessee Education Research Alliance