Webinar: Using Data to Strengthen Your State’s Teacher Pipeline

Webinar: Using Data to Strengthen Your State’s Teacher Pipeline

Collecting and Connecting Teacher Supply and Demand Data is Essential to Meeting Your State’s Education Workforce Needs

Despite continued concerns about teacher shortages, many states do not collect teacher supply data from preparation programs and even fewer connect that information with teacher demand data from districts. Without access to this information, educator preparation programs are unable to graduate teachers aligned to district needs and states are unable to ensure all students have a high-quality teacher for every subject.

Join DQC and expert panelists for a discussion on what policymakers can do to ensure data is used to build an educator workforce that meets their state’s education needs.

Panelists include:

  • Abigail Cohen, Senior Associate, Data Quality Campaign
  • Elizabeth Ross, Managing Director, Teacher Policy, National Council on Teacher Quality
  • Angie Tombari, Senior Research Analyst, Kentucky Center for Statistics

Save the date: This is DQC’s first webinar on how data can be used to strengthen and support states’ educator workforce. Mark your calendar for the second and third webinars in this series on October 17th and 31st. More information to come. 

The webinar can now be viewed below.