Action Issues

DQC advocates for the effective use of student data that will empower the education community and lead to policies and practices that improve outcomes for all students. We share resources, recommendations and expertise that focus on five key action issues:

Data Systems That Work

Education data systems only work when they provide information that students, parents, teachers, school leaders, and trusted school partners need to support student success. Data collected over time and across systems can be used to create tools and generate feedback to ensure those working closest to students have the information they need at the right time.

Strong Teachers & Leaders

Strong teachers are the most important factor in a student’s academic success, and teachers are at their best when they have useful information about how their students are doing. Quality data on factors like student performance, attendance, and others help teachers and school leaders support students…

Empowering Families and Communities

Families and communities are deeply invested in students’ success, and they need information to be empowered partners in a child’s education. Support systems outside of the classroom are crucial to ensuring that students arrive at school ready to learn and get connected with new opportunities…

Safeguarding Data

Student data is crucial for educators, families, and policymakers to help students excel. And safeguarding data—and building trust in how it is used—is an essential part of using data effectively to support student learning.

Federal Policy

Federal policymakers have a significant role to play in ensuring that all students, regardless of their zip code, receive an education that enables them to reach their college and career goals. Federal policymakers must help develop the conditions, resources, and expertise needed to foster a culture that both values and uses data for continuous improvement…