Katie Ida

Senior Associate, Strategic Communications

We need to make sure that every kid gets an education that gives them a chance to reach all of their goals. Having the data to know what works, where we need to direct resources, and who’s falling behind is fundamental to making that happen.

Katie brings a penchant for communicating to DQC. She transforms complex language and policy into simple and compelling stories to ensure that DQC provides the most timely, useful resources to all members of the education community. As a member of DQC’s Strategic Communications team, she works to craft clear and effective messages, amplify the organization’s digital presence, and track education data news.

Katie, who joined DQC in 2014, is an Evaluate for Change Millennial Data Fellow and has conducted data-based media research with Media Cloud, a joint project of MIT Media Lab and Harvard Berkman Center. Katie graduated from the University of Vermont with a BA in English and political science and a BS in community and international development. She earned an MS in Gender Policy & Inequalities from the London School of Economics.

In her free time Katie hosts “femchord,” a weekly radio show featuring women in music, and spends lots of time outdoors with her dog, Sylvia.