2014 Award Winners

State Policymaker

Governor Jack Markell,
State of Delaware

Established a statewide vision and the collaborative work to get the right information to the right people.


Governor Markell laid the foundation for Delaware to build the state’s data systems, from early learning to higher education and careers, and to nurture a culture of data-driven decision making. The impact of this work is exemplified by the implementation of professional learning communities (PLCs). PLCs provide educators statewide opportunities to work with data coaches and collaborate with their colleagues to improve instruction.

Delaware recently became one of the first states to achieve all of DQC’s 10 State Actions to Ensure Effective Data Use—having marshaled the leadership, policies, and resources to overcome the barriers of turf, trust, technical issues, and time that many states still face. Much of this is due to Governor Markell’s leadership.


Watch the video to hear Governor Markell share his vision in using data to help Delaware students achieve.

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State Data Leader

Chris Woolard,
Director of Accountability, Ohio Department of Education

Featured: Interview with Chris Woolard, director of accountability at the Ohio Department of Education.


Chris Woolard and his team at the Ohio Department of Education have worked to ensure Ohio educators have easy access to timely, relevant student data, as well as training in how to appropriately and meaningfully use those data to improve results for students. Due to his work using data to improve outcomes for students, Woolard was named an Agency Fellow for the Strategic Data Project at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University. Chris Woolard is working to get educators the right information to help them do what they do best: teach. Listen as he bridges the gap between data systems and the teachers who use them.

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District Data Use

Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation,

Featured: Interviews with Superintendent David Smith & Deputy Superintendent Susan McDowell Riley, and with Robin Slaton, Teacher at Stockwell Elementary.


Under the guidance of Superintendent David Smith and Deputy Superintendent Susan McDowell Riley, the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) has promoted effective data use, security, and transparency by creating data dashboards for secure teacher access to student data and using district assessments to gain rich information about student performance. Listen as DQC’s Chris Kingsley uncovers the impact that EVSC’s work is having on student achievement.

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Advocacy Organization

State Collaborative On Reforming Education

Featured: Interview with Executive Vice President David Mansouri.


SCORE, an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy and research institution, founded by former US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, uses data as one of four pillars to its advocacy. 

The organization’s annual SCORE Prize is a celebration of what is possible in education in Tennessee—and data are a foundational piece of the awards. SCORE employs state student achievement and growth data, as well as other data about school populations, location, and more, to select finalists for its annual accolades. 

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