Data for Action 2011: Empower with Data

Date: May 21, 2013

How can states allocate scarce resources AND improve student achievement without data?

The answer is simple: They can’t. States cannot inform these critical policy conversations without effective data use.

In this report, find out more about:

  • the changing landscape of education policy and data;
  • the critical role of data in empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions;
  • Data for Action 2011 key findings;
  • and four game-changing priorities:
    • identify and publicly document the critical policy questions that will inform the development, implementation, and evaluation of the state’s data efforts;
    • establish decision-making authority of state P–20/workforce data governance bodies to address the toughest issues around data access, sharing, and use;
    • share data on teachers’ impact on student achievement with the institutions that prepared them;
    • and determine whether existing high school feedback reports meet local needs and refine them based on stakeholder feedback.

Topics: Data Governance