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The Flashlight Shines on Education Data

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“Data should be used as a flashlight, not solely as a hammer.” – DQC Executive Director Aimee Guidera

Welcome to The Flashlight! Today the Data Quality Campaign launches its blog, a place for illuminating info and generating conversation about using data to improve education.

This blog aims to shine a light on—and open a dialogue about—using data to help our students achieve. DQC’s staff will chime in with the latest updates on what’s working—or not—in education data. Expect success stories from states, expert analysis on the issues, and timely commentary about the state of education and education data.

We may be the ones dishing out the posts, but we’re counting on you to join this conversation. Our education system won’t improve without us working together. Each of us—policymakers, advocates, and practitioners—plays a role in student success, and education data strengthen our work toward that goal. So let us hear from you! What policies and practices do you think are working? How have education data helped you? Where do you see room for improvement?